Refinement of the solutions

        We decided to explore StarCD's ability to automatically refine the mesh with criteria based on the quality of the solution.
        Both compression and compression/relaxation meshes were refined in areas where the pressure gradient was maximum.

There are the refined meshes:

Solutions were then compared and it apears that the resolution of the shock is significantly improved. Have a look at the pressure fields in both compression and compression/relaxation cases to be convinced.

Procedure to refine a mesh:

1) In the STARGUide window, select Adaptative Refinement in the "Analysis Preparation/running" folder.
2)Select the "Gradient" tab in the "Refinement criteria" tab. Select percent of maximum gradient and type the choosen percentage (80% in this case). Chose then the "Variable to aply the criteria" (pressure in this case).
3)Then select the "Set modification" tab, click Refine All Directions in "Near wall cell options" and click apply in the "Modify set" section. You can plot the selected area by clicking Fluid Cells and Plot Set in "Plot Set To Be Refined" section.
4) Go back to "Refinement Criteria" tab and click Add To Set button.
5) Go to "Refine" tab, the name of the cases should be "your_case_name.pst" and "your_casse_name_refine", and the option binary should be selected. Unless you want to change the name of the refine case, click the Refine/Update Model button.
Your mesh has now been updated and you can either leave StarCD (do not forget to accept saving the changes!!) or restart a computation on this mesh because the refined case has automaticaly been loaded.

Have a look on the forward step