The mesh

Now is the time to create the mesh :

In order to do so, first, create a mesh continuum : right click continua $\rightarrow$ New $\rightarrow$ Mesh continuum. To choose models : right click models $\rightarrow$ Select models. Choose :

Here are the values chosen for the poly mesh :

The parameters are quite easily understandable. It is of utmost importance to refine the mesh in the wake of wind turbines. To achieve that, creating Volumes mesh is necessary :

Tools $\rightarrow$ Volume shapes $\rightarrow$ right click New $\rightarrow$ Cylinder.


It is facultative but cones immediately after the virtual disk can be created as well (the same method can be followed). To redefine cell size in those volume shapes, go in Continua $\rightarrow$ Mesh 1 $\rightarrow$ Volumetric controls right click New. In Volume Shape, define Shapes as the Cylinder previously created. Use the parameters :


The mesh can now be generated by clicking successively on :



Creating a visualization of the mesh with virtual disks

To get a 3D view of the mesh (like the first image of this page), a "Threshold" derived part is used. It makes it possible for the user to display cell which meet a specific criteria.

To display the virtual disk, the cells whose centers are inside the disk are displayed. Right click on Derived parts $\rightarrow$ New Part $\rightarrow$ Treshold. Use the following :


Note that the disks will only appear after an initialization.

It is possible to do the same to have a cut through the domain. This time, the scalar field will be "Position[X]". It will display the cells whose center are inside the chosen range of X.

Finally, one obtains: