Global warming, like the majority of crises around the world, is a controversial topic.Geothermal energy considerable public concern has been placed on pioneering the sustainable energy sources. The Bouillante geothermal is one project that claims to be able to bring enormous benefits to the local communities. The Bouillante project invests considerable funds through BRGM and the joint ventures. Bouillante 3 becomes such a significant part of the modeling geothermal reservoirs simulations.

This project has led to greater understanding of the heat and pressure gradient inside geothermal well. Therefore, void fraction correlation would derive an emphasis term to simulate the characteristic physical model of Bouillante geothermal reservoirs.

Figure 1. shows that the typical type of geothermal in term of temperature level


The aim of this study is to take an account in detail of theoretical background of two-phase flow and validate of simulation with saturation temperature and static temperature from void fraction correlation analysis examined.





Enhanced Geothermal System

An Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) is the process to generate electricity through "hydraulic stimulation". The geothermal power sources are stored as heat in hot fractured volcanic.

First of all, the EGS reservoir procedure will begin with identifying a geologic model of a potential site. The production area and the necessary properties like mechanical properties, the temperature gradient, and flow to extract the energy. The location should suitable for the geothermal reservoirs. 

Secondly, the majority of experienced geothermal drilling is to create a fracture network by injecting water at sufficient pressure or temperature differential. The hot water is pumped to the surface through the production well.

Lastly, the production well is carried the steam up to the surface from the bottom hole for driving a turbine, which in turn powers a generator for producing electricity.


Figure 3. illustrated schematic of another conceptual three-wells Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) diagram modified from ANU Hot Rock Energy website.


Bouillante-3 wellbore

The Bouillante geothermal field is located on the island of Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles. There are numerous surface manifestations such as hot springs, fumaroles and steaming ground which is suitable for geothermal energy. The French company BRGM had invested in the project of Bouillante geothermal field. The Bouillante field is constituted 7 wells but only 3 wells (s BO-4, BO-5 and BO-6)  are currently producing. Bouillante 3 was drilled in the year 1970 by EURAFREP but it was blocked. According to Bouillante 3 is far about 15 kilometres from the current active Soufrière volcano and about 600 m west of BO-2 as can be seen in the figure 2. and the power plant. 

Figure 2 shows the location map around the present power plant (Sanjuan et al., 2004)

Bouillante3 have been stimulating well for geothermal power plant again b BRGMWell BO-3 has 500 production level depth,  with the temperature   range between 250 - 260 ° C. The geothermal field of BO-3 is expected to produce the electricity generating capability about 24 MW with 150 tonne/hour of fluid and 30 tonne/hour of steam.