To verify our solution we plot drag coefficent in fonction of Reynolds number.

Hence,from the plot we obtain necessary informations showing that our calculations are correct.So we validate the three regimes

Terminal velocity as a function of Droplet Radius

The most important parameter in our study is is radius of the droplet as it is squared in the the Stokes correlation : Meaning with a small increase in radius the terminal velocity will have an huge increment in its value.


Terminal velocity is an important concept in gravity.it's defined as the velocity as which the vertical component of the drag force exactly countracts the net gravity force.

Terminal velocity increase when the radius increase because of the bouyancy:the volume of the droplet increase.

Terminal velocity as a function of Pressure

We plot terminal velocity as a function of pressure for different values of radius:

When we fixed the radius and increase the pressure,there will be a force per unit area exerted on the surface of the drop which will result in decreasing the volume of drop,and when the volume decreases the velocity will decrease

Critical radius for separation