Conclusion and Acknowledgment


Establishment of a model for the water bombing from an aircraft

Conclusion :

Like we said as an introduction, the project was a preliminary study of the water bombing from an aircraft.

The release mechanism was highlighted : the liquid column size, its trajectory and the envelope of the jet...

The first atomization happens then instantly, breaking up the column into millions of small droplets. The unstable ones face second atomizations until satisfying the stability criteria (the Weber number and the Bond number) whereas the stable ones remain equal.

Once all the droplets are stable, the fall phase starts and we traced each droplet down to the ground. During that phase, the droplet may cope with evaporation and wake capture, implying that some drops will never reach the ground.

Finally on the ground, we mapped the remaining drops to evaluate the mark on the ground, in terms of dimensions, liquid coverage and effectiveness of the bombing.

With the other group's work (see their section), it is now possible to calculate the volume of water to release as a function of the fire intensity and burning surface.

To perpetrate our work, our successors are strongly encouraged to start where we stopped : thus, our work would not be useless.


Acknowledgment :

We would like to thank Mr LEGENDRE for his help and support.


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