Establishment of a model for the water bombing from an aircraft

We evaluated the mark dimensions and compared them with the correlations given by Legendre :

Ground pattern characteristics


Correlations :

$ L=U_g  T_f+f_1  \lambda $ with $ T_f $, the drop phase duration and $ f_1=2 $

$ \lambda \approx ds  f_2  q^{\frac{1}{5}} $ with $ f_2=27 $


Simulation results :

We get :

Drop pattern


$ L=2,5  m $

$ \lambda=1,8  m $

NB : our personal laptops being not fast enough, we had to stop the calculation to be ready for the oral presentation. Thus, the dimensions of the drop pattern give an idea on the mark on the ground, but are not precise enough and will need to be reconsidered by our successors.


Effectiveness of the bombing

Due to the lack of time, we did not dig the evaporation and the wake capture phenomena. Hence, there is no reason to waste liquid during the drop phase. That is the reason why 100% of the liquid released reaches the ground.

NB : our successors will have to evaluate in details the effectiveness


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