Establishment of a model for the water bombing from an aircraft

This BEI aims at providing a study on water bombing by transport plane for aerial firefighting. Airbus Military is willing to adapt its transport planes such as CASA (which are currently used for transport of goods and men...) to drop water or retardant on a fire.

The air fleet of the "Securité Civile Française" (French Civilian Security), based at Marignane, France, owns a complete device to fight forest fires. This fleet is composed of 26 planes, 23 of them are bombers (11 Canadair CL41, 10 Trackers, 2 Dash) and 3 of them are Beechcraft planes (see here).

To achieve that goal, a narrow partnership between Airbus Military and Zodiac is planned to be developed in order to work on the military aircraft A400M.

As an introduction to the project, we encourage you to read last year students' work, since our project follows on from what they studied.

The current project has been divided into two sections, in order to supply Airbus Military with a short term technical solution :

By studying the "Establishment of a model for the water bombing from an aircraft", we are aiming at studying the water distribution on the ground after the release from the plane.


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