Sketch of the Domain - Region - Physics Continuum


First we create a sketch of the fluid domain.

Right click 3D-CAD Models $\rightarrow$ New

Then we creat a new sketch on the XY plane,

Then we use the entities shown above to creat our sketch.

Then we create a domain with the following dimensions :

$L_H \simeq$ 8 x hight of the nacelle

$L_{upstream} \simeq$  lenght of nacelle

$L_{downstream} \simeq$ 2 x lenght of the nacelle

Then we make an extrude of this sketch, in order to be able to make the simulation :

The domain looks like this:

Then we rename each boundary by right clicking on the surface $\rightarrow$ rename.

The region

Then we create the region:

In Parts node ,right click on Domain $\rightarrow$ Assign part to regions

Physics continuum

It is now important to define each kind of Boundary Condition:

Then we have to create a physics continuum by right clicking on Continua $\rightarrow$ New $\rightarrow$ Physics Continuum and select the physic models required by the simulation, here we shose: