Base Case

In this section it will be carried out several transient simulations with a geometry shown in the following table. 

Base Case Input
Pipeline (m) 25
Riser (m) 13,5
Radius bend (cm) 50

The several transient simulations are three (3) to four (4) different total mass flow rates from each Turndown Curve (TDC). Bear in mind that each TDC has a specific quality, e.i. same liquid and gas mass fraction. 

Turndown Curve 1
Liquid mass fraction = 0,9981
Gas mass fraction = 0,0019

Turndown Curve 2
Liquid mass fraction = 0,9947
Gas mass fraction = 0,0043

Turndown Curve 3
Liquid mass fraction = 0,9905
Gas mass fraction = 0,0095