Geometry three

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The third geometry is used to established a more complex network of three caves with several connectivity using ibm method (immersed boundary method) with jadim. The aim of this geometry is to discover whether oil would be blocked or water would be produced early .

$$\rho_{water} /\rho_{oil}$$ (kg/m3) $$\nu_{water} /\nu_{oil}$$ (Pa.s) $$ \sigma_{oil/water} $$ (N/m) $$ dt_{min}/dt_{max}$$ (s) inlet/outlet lenght (m) inlet velocity (m/s) mesh size (m) mesh size (cells) inlet Re
1000; 800 0.1;1 0.487 1e-7; 1e-3 0.5; 0.13 0.01 1.5x0.6 350x200 50










No oil has been blocked, but water begins to be produced at dimensionless time 1.3, where the curve of oil remaining and recovery ratio's gradients change.

Water production is not profitable for the industry, therefore "only" 80% of oil will be produced which is really important in comparison of the standard reservoir in porous medium in the world where the mean recovery ratio is around 35%.