Results analysis

In this chapter, different softwares and numerical methods, as well as the results,  to simulate the experiments are illustrated. In general, simulation with VOF and level set method both give a results where flow patten is similar with the experiments, although equilibrium times varies. 

With jadim, the VOF method shows serious problems of diffusion in the case viscosity setting is 100 times smaller than the original ones. The interface can not be clearly tracked. With level set, the interface can be tracked easily, despite lots of dispersed phase appeared. With fluent, the problem of diffusion is less severe. 

The level set method in jadim with blocks is settled  in the geometry,which is the case of the experiment, shows a closer results compared with the experiment when equilibrium time is concerned. The VOF method with fluent  using real parameters is considered a precise simulation, too. It is estimated if the geometry and the fluid parameters are set exactly the same with the experiment with fluent, an accurate simulation would be realized, regarding the flow patten in the system and equilibrium time to arrive the final state.