Analyze of the results

In this part, results of the simulations carried out with Fluent and Jadim are analyzed and compared.

As explained previously, convergence issues make three-phase flow simulations on Jadim difficult to achieve. On another hand, if Fluent seems to avoid these problems, the fact that the access to the code is not possible leads us to be critical about the results.

Therefore, a comparison of similar simulations carried out with these two softwares is important to validate the results.

Two simulations with different velocities and physical properties are realized:

     - In the first simulation, a velocity of 1 m/s is used , oil, gas and water viscosities are multiplied by 100 and the gas density is multiplied by 10.

     - In the second simulation, real properties of oil, gas and water are used with a velocity of 0.1 m/s.