Parametric study

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A parametric study is carried out to investigate the influence the inlet and the outlet on the oil recovery ratio. For the same geometry, the parametric study investigates:

- the influence of the position of the inlet/outlet 

- the influence of the size of the inlet/outlet 

- the influence of the initial quantity of oil in the domain

 The objective is to observe if the inlet and the outlet have a major impact on the flow behavior and which configuration would provide the greater oil recovery ratio.

Simulations are carried out with Fluent at a velocity inlet of 0.6m/s, using real physical properties and a first order explicit scheme. 

The oil viscosity value is increased in order to reduce convergence issues and to help Fluent to handle topology changes. Indeed, as a crude oil viscosity value can vary from 1 to 1000mPa.s,  the oil viscosity  is increased to 420mPa.