Boundary layer test case

Numerical simulations                                             


The difficulty in CFD is to have correct simulation results. When a new Navier Stokes code is used, it has to be tested on some academical cases. Usually, the turbulent codes (RANS) are tested on the axysymmetric impicting flow and the laminar cases are tested on the boundary layer cases.

As it has been described before, the main point here is to give reliable thermal boundary layer thickness in order to estimate the evaporation fluxes at the bottom of the geometry. The Navier Stokes solver adapted for such a goal is Icofoam: a transient solver for incompressible, laminar flow of Newtonian fluids. As there is no equation of temperature in this solver, it has been hanmade implemented.

Once the solver is chosen, it has to be validated on a test case: the boundary layer case.