Conclusion & Perspectives

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Conclusion & perspectives                      


This project has been established in three parts:

First, we have determined the equations describing the evaporation in the container, we have estimated all the non dimensional numbers that appears in this study (Reynolds number Re,  Prandtl number Pr ...). Then we have concluded the expression of the evaporation rate of the fluid in the container.

The second part, we have conceived our own solver "MyIcoFoamT" by developing the standard solver "IcoFoam" under OpenFoam in order to simulate the problem numerically. We have validated this solver in a simple case: The evolution of the boundary layer in a flat plate. In fact, we have compared the profiles given by our solver with the theoretical Blasius model. The results were satisfactory.

Then, we have simulated the principal case of this project which is the evaporation in a container. For this, we have first created the geometry and meshed it with IcemCFD, we have then imported it to OpenFoam to can resolve the evaporation problem with our solver "MyIcoFoamT".

As consequence, we have had good results. Actually, we have succeeded to simulate the evolution of temperature field in the container in only one  specific flight case which is the "Lift off" because  of lack of time. However, we have computed the boundary layer thickness, the convective coefficient and then the rate of evaporation in all flight cases.


So, it is recommended that in further studies, we can simulate the evaporation in the other flight cases. Moreover, what can be interesting to validate the model we have produced is to compare it to available experimental data.