This site is a part of the work in the Industrial Engineering consulting  Energetic and Process.

The Industrial Engineering consulting BEI is a long project implemented within the Hydraulic Department and Fluid mechanics of ENSEEIHT by its various specialities Process and Energetic (E&P) and Computational fluid dynamics (MFN).

The aim of these BEI is to work in groups of 3 students on scientific projects proposed by industrial collaborators.

During our BEI, we will provide a study on Evaporation of fuel layer by elaborating a physical problem modeling. We will establish a theoretical analysis by treating all the physical phenomenon relevant to the problem such as diffusion and convection. The second part of the BEI is to implement a numerical simulation using OpenFoam for several configurations of this study.




The team that is working on this project comprises three students:

          Geremia Giuliano Alejandro: 3rd year at ENSEEIHT, Computational fluid dynamics (MFN)

          Mezguledi Ansar                   : 3rd year at ENSEEIHT,  Process and Energetic (E&P)

          Quentin Mouret                    : 3rd year at ENSEEIHT, Process and Energetic (E&P)




This BEI is supervised by Mr. Dominique Legendre a research and teaching professor at IMFT-ENSEEIHT.