Mission & Planning

Mission & Planing                                 


           1- Mission

    Under this project, it was asked to realize the study of a thin layer evaporation. This one is in line with the necessity of Airbus to reduce the weight of its planes.

Indeed, there are, at present, fuel leaks in the piping which allows to forward the fuel of the reservoir up to the engines of the turbomachinery of planes. This fuel is got back by reservoirs which are oversized.



                                                 Figure: Position of the studied geometry in red

source: http://photos.linternaute.com/photo/1457769/1553166946/2092/elements-d-avion-de-ligne-boeing-757/

Moreover, the flammability increases according to the concentration of the fuel in the air. It is for this that it will be necessary to limit the values of this concentration.

This project aims to study the evaporation of a thin layer of the liquid to be able to re-size reservoirs getting back fuels and this to decrease recirculations there.

 Both theoretical and numerical study on the evaporation of a layer of fuel in such reservoir will thus be performed in this BEI.


           2- Project's organization

​The following organization chart shows the principal activities that we have treated in this BEI. 


                                                          Figure: Project's organization chart