Project case : meshing on IcemCFD

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          IcemCFD meshing


The meshing is one of the critical points of CFD. Numericians are aware that to obtain good simulation results, a clever meshing has to be done.
Enseeiht's teacher used to say that  meshing represents 90% of the time dedicated to the simulation.

The geometry is meshed with tetrahedon and cells has been refined near the wall to capture the wall shear stress. The mesh is composed by 306814 elements.
The following two figures show the mesh. The first gives an overview of the general mesh and the second one is a cut plane of the mesh. It illustrates the mesh refinement near to the wall. 


Figure: Overview of the mesh


Figure: Cut plane of the mesh with refinement near the wall


Then, when the mesh is created, the mesh has to be qualify. And to do so, three different meshes are going to be tested:

Mesh number Total number of elements
1 31 013
2 115 142
3 306 814