Flow Assurance

Why Flow Assurance is needed?

Flow assurance is an engineering analysis process that is used to ensure that hydrocarbon fluids are transmitted economically from the reservoir to the end user. Because of the high pressures and low temperature in deep water, flow assurance is the most critical task during the transport of hydrocarbon fluids. It focuses mainly on the prevention and the control of concern, such as hydrates, wax, and asphaltenes, sometimes scale and sand are also included. For a given hydrocarbon fluid, these solids appear at certain combinations of pressure and temperature and they deposit on the walls of the production equipment and flowlines. 

Figure 1-1 shows the hydrate and wax depositions formed in hydrocarbons flowlines, which ultimately may cause plugging and flow stoppage.

Figure 1-1 Solid Depositions Formed in Hydrocarbon Flowline