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LedaFlow is a new dynamic multiphase flow simulator for wells and flowlines. Based on models that are closer to the actual physics of multiphase flow, LedaFlow provides a step change in fidelity, quality, accuracy and flexibility over current generation multiphase flow simulation technology. This increase in model definition provides the engineer with much greater understanding of the flow in wells and pipelines.

LedaFlow history

Ledaflow​ development started in 2001 in collaboration between Total, ConocoPhillips and SINTEF.  In 2009, Kongsberg joined as the industrialization and commercialization partner. First commercial release was in June 2011 and in March 2013 the 4th version, release 1.3 was issued.

Why was LedaFlow developed?

  • To meet the challenges with Oil and Gas fields found in deeper water, longer tie-backs, harsh and remote environments
  • To improve accuracy in multiphase flow prediction
  • To increase the detail of information available