The objectives of the BEI is to:
1. Understand  three-phase flow dynamics when nitrogen is injected in a fracture/cave configured reservoir
  •  A bibliography of different methods to simulate multiphase flow is realized with a focus on the VOF method.
  • The main caracteristics of Jadim and Fluent, two CFD codes which permit three-phase flow simulation, are analyzed.
  •  CFD simulations of nitrogen injection in a simple cave geometry (three-phase flow) is carried out with Fluent and Jadim.
  • A parametic study is also carried out in order to observe the influence of the gas injection well position and of the outlet position.

2. Compare a commercial software (Fluent) and a research software (Jadim)

3. Compare CFD simulations based on physics Navier and Stokes equation with cellular automata simulations in order to validate the cellular automata simulator