Test mesh senstive

We adjust the Refine and GfsadaptVorticity to test mesh senstive.

First we test Refine​ 5 GfsadaptVorticity maxlevel =5  cmax=5e-2



Second we test Refine​ 7 GfsadaptVorticity maxlevel =7  cmax=1e-2

In the first test, the vortex shedding was delayed to farther and vortex dissipate raplidly.

In the second test, vortex dissipation is much better, but vortex shedding delay is still exist.

We can find the reason in the mesh figure, the mesh is too coarse to get exact result.

To overcome these unphysical phenomenon  caused by the insufficient mesh, our simulation choose Refine​ 8 GfsadaptVorticity maxlevel =8  cmax=1e-2

The mesh refined at the vortex wake can well deal with the problem.