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The Work

This report is part of the General Purpose Fluid Mechanics Hands-on course at ENSEEIHT  which focuses on the modeling of hydrodynamic instabilities with CFD codes like FLUENT. 

We studied the Kelvin Helmholtz instabilities, that are produced by shear at the interface between two fluids with different physical properties (typically different density). This work mainly deals with 2D flows using Gambit for meshing and Fluent 5.0.2 for results computation on a SUN Ultra 1 Workstation. The purpose is to show the ability of CFD tools to predict those types of flow and to compare various types of meshing and modeling.

This work in four parts:

  • In Theory and Links, we give some background information on the mechanism behind the formation of those instabilities and links to more resources on this subject. 
  • In Spatial Wave, we simulated Kelvin Helmholtz billows forming when both fluids are flowing in the same direction. 
  • In Time Wave, further simulations can be found with two fluids flowing in opposite direction. 
  • At last other types of flow (for example: 3 phases flow)  are explored in Other Studies

The Team

Ludovic Maas: 3rd Year CFD Student at ENSEEIHT,
Laurent Nack: 3rd Year CFD Student at ENSEEIHT,

For more information and questions, please email us.


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