Simulation parameters

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The mesh

Type: Rectangular channel
Length: 2 m
Height: 0.5 m
One velocity inlet in the left side
One outflow outlet in the right side
Wall on the upper side
Wall on the lower side


Physical parameters

The following parameters were taken in the Fluent 5 database.

All this parameters are constants for every simulations. The velocities of the two fluids depend on the studied case. The two fluids have close densities to avoid numerical problems in the calculations (divergence).


Numerical parameters

This section describes the numerical parameters used for the simulations.

Scheme: geo-reconstruct,
Courant number: 0.25,
Surface tension 0.0735 N/m

Pressure: standard
Momentum: first order upwind
Pressure velocity coupling: simple


Sinusoidal oscillator

The first simulations realized showed that the instability was unable to appear in the normal conditions (with different velocities of the two fluids). In order to force the appearance of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, we placed a vertical oscillator in the inlet.