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The 2-D Burgers Equation 

by Alban Depoutre
$3^{rd}$year E.N.S.E.E.I.H.T.
"Hydraulique & Mécanique des Fluides - MFN"

I. Introduction
II. The physical problem
        II-1. Resolution with a constant v velocity
        II-2. Resolution with a non constant v velocity
III. The numerical problem
IV. Results
        IV-1. Results with a constant v velocity
        IV-2. Results with a non constant v velocity
V. Graphics
        V-1. Results with a constant v velocity
                V-1-1.Graphics with Re=1000
                V-1-2.Graphics with Re=100
        V-2. Results with a variable v elocity
                V-2-1.Evolution of u velocity
                V-2-2.Evolution of v velocity
       VI-1.Constant v velocity
                VI-1-1.With Re=1000
                VI-1-2.With Re=100
       VI-2.Variable v velocity with Re=1000
                VI-2-1.Evolution of u velocity
                VI-2-2. Evolution of v velocity
VII. The Thomas Algorithm
VIII. Flow chart
IX. FORTRAN program
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