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Results with a non constant v velocity

The previous study shows that it doesn't necessary to solve equation with a Reynolds number equal to 100 because the shock never appears. So, we take as the previous section Re=1000. Results concerning the resolution of the 2D-Burgers equation coupled with the continuity equation were reported on graphics located in the section "Evolution of u velocity". The difference with a constant v velocity is not striking, but we can see the steepening of the wave front as the previous case. As we can expect, those results show that the transversal propagation (in y direction) carries out only where the shock is located. In fact, (see the expression of v velocity eq. 2.5) the y propagation doesn't exist where the u velocity gradients are non exixtant in particular on the ``bottom'' and on the ``top'' of the sinus. Likewise, we can imagine that the propagation in y direction is negative where the u velocity gradients were positive (on the x boundary conditions for example). And this propagation is positive where the u velocity gradients are negative and all the more so great since the u velocity gradients are important. To visualize those effects we can just see the evolution of v velocity in the section "Evolution of v velocity".

But those phenomenons are not very well visible on the previous graphics, it is most appropriate to display the corresponding animations :

Click here to see animations of the steepening and the propagation of the wave front with Re=1000 for u velocity and for v velocity.

Alban Depoutre