I . Installation

The files downloaded from the RJ.LeVeque website are in the form of tar files and z files. To obtain the library , give the following commands :
tar xvf clawpack.tar
uncompress *.z ( * symbolises the file compressed)


II . Getting started with Clawpack

The best is to look at the simple example programs included 1d, 2d or 3d directories. For example in clawpack/1d/ you will find a subdirectory nammed example. It is organized in the same manner as other applications directories. It contains the following files :


Description of the example


This file contains the Unix instruction needed to compile the code, pulling together the necessary surboutines from different directories. Giving the command


at the unix prompt will execute f77 to compile the program and produce the executable


If it does not work , verify that the acces permission of compile for the user is x; if not give this command :

chmod u+x -compile

In order for this to work properly, the environnement variable CLAWPACK must be set to point to the proper path for the clawpack routines. This can be put in your .cshrc file.


Data file is read in by the program to set various parameters. To run the code, type



The main driver routine for this example, which calls clawpack.


Sets initial conditions

Visualisation of the results with Matlab

If you can run matlab, two environnement variable must be set :

To see the rsult if an example, open matlab in the same directory and then type : plotq
The command to quit is exit.