Our aim for this task is to study the sedimentation of sand in a sedimental station.

First we defined a grid made by prebfc which is like :

We tried to respect the original size of the sedimention station. We can see at the lower left corner the inlet, which is an 50 centimeter width inlet. The outlet is on the right top corner.

The total length of the station is 20 meters. The height is 5 meters.

After making the grid, we used Fluent to calculate the velocity field in the station.

For the inlet, the boundary condition is a velocity of one meter per second. The outlet is a pressure bondary condition if 0 Pa.

We used the K-e model to calculate the velocity field in the station. We can see below the results of this simulation :

With this result we started our research to introduce a discrete phase.

Here is an example of particle tracks obtained :