This manual briefly describes the STAR-CD features needed to model a rotating cylinder in a flow using a sliding mesh.

  1. START regroups all the commands needed to get started in the Prostar environment.
  2. GRID describes how to create the mesh that will be used.
  3. BOUNDARY is dedicated to the creation and control of the boundary conditions.
  4. In the EVENTS  part you will find how to create the events associated to the sliding mesh.
  5. POST-PRO is describing how to run a computation and to get the results
In each part there is an DESCRIPTION section where the features and commands are described and a TUTORIAL section related to the specific cylinder case.

Commands and menus are in bold.

1mx1m domain
0.1m cylinder radius
0.25m moving mesh radius

STEP 1: Setting prosize
STEP 2: Launch prostar
STEP 3: Import the outside mesh from Gambit
STEP 4: Create the inside mesh with Star-CD
STEP 5: The Cylinder Wall
STEP 6: The Attach  regions
STEP 7: The Inlet and Pressure outlet.
STEP 8: The Symplane
STEP 9: Define Boundaries
STEP 10: Merge Vertex
STEP 11: Setting the events
STEP 12: Setting operating conditions
STEP 13: Setting the computation
STEP 14: Computing
STEP 15: Postprocessing