Setting the prosize
The first thing to check is that the prosize is correctly set to set the event. To do this Go to the prosize section.
Define attach boundaries
The interface between the two fluid region must be defined as an attach boundaries. In fact two boundaries must be defined: one for the moving cells and on for the non-moving cells. The procedure is the same as all other boundaries, but it important that the two boundaries are corresponding (i.e. the first boundary of one region must face the first boundary of the other region, and so on for all faces).
Defining events using the ASI method

The ASI method is a simple way to define a sliding  mesh as the cell connectivities are defined automatically. There is two parts in this method:

  1. Writing a set of commands that describe the various events
  2. Writing a .cgrd file that describe the geometrical changes linked with theses events.
Reconnect events
Each time go back to Prostar, for exempla to modify a boundary condition, you don't have to redefine the events. All you have to do is to reconnect the event file to the case. To do this type
evfile connect.

If the events are not connected, you won't be able to save your case (in particular the .geom file).


Turn on the event and moving mesh possibilities by typing

Initialize the event file
evfi init

Define an arbitrary sliding event
evslide 10

Define the interface
emslide add region 2
esslide add region 3
eoslide 4 0 0

Save the event
Evsave 10

Define the initial state
Evst 1 time 0.0

Read the geometrical changes file
Egrid read cgrid2.cgrd (the file is here)
Easi 10 enable
Evsave 1