Corrections to the original TACITE User's Guide


* 7. Use of the code page 35

The tacite.tar file does not contain the tacite file.

The TACITE.JOB file is not provided. The TACITE.JOB file should be automatically generated. But it does not happen.
A manual generation must be achieved. The TACITE.JOB structure of the guide may be ambiguous. Here is an alternative presentation

* 7.1.3 A restart simulation page 39

The first mode of restart does not seem to work. In this mode the modification of the scenario is made in the SimName _#.SCE, and the command to run the simulation is : tacite.out     SimName _#.SCE.
It results an error message : Error 2101 ReadJob : Restart file not found.
And if we modify the TACITE.JOB file replacing SimName.*=* with the SimName _#.*=*  an dmodifying the SimName _#.SCE file, we are in fact executing a restart in the second mode.