SimName.GEO File

* red  words are TACITE's reserved words

Structure :

Cumulative Location1
Internal diameter1
Absolute roughness1
Cumulative Location2
Internal diameter2
Absolute roughness2
Cumulative LocationN
Internal diameterN
Absolute roughness1
loop on equipments :

if there are sources or sinks :
Name        Type         Location
if there are valves :
Name         Type         Location       Coefficient        Exponent
if there is an injector :
Name         Type         Injection angle with respect to pipe axis
if there are relief valves :
Name         Type         Location       Hole diameter
if there are pumps :
Name         Type         Location
if there are pigs :
Name         Type         Location        Launcher location
Trap location         Diameter        Length        Weight        Wall friction factor coefficient

end loop

if there are pumps :
loop on pumps :
Nominal rotation velocity        Minimal rot. velocity         Maximal rot. velocity
Maximum pressure drop
Number of stages                    Number of stages for results to print
List of stages for results to print
        loop on stages :
             Input internal diameter        Input external diameter        output external diameter         Angle coefficient
        end loop
end loop


Type codes :
1 -> source
2 -> sink
3 -> valve
4 -> injector
5 -> relief valve
6 -> pump
7 -> pig
About Valves : To simulate a linear valve coefficient and exponent have to be set to 1.

About Pumps : The maximum rotation velocity should not exeed 150 rpm.
                                              The pump modul is based on the Poseidon model.
                                               The transient thermal option are not available with a pump.

About Relief Valves :The hole diameter of a relief valve should not exeed the half diameter of the pipe.

About Pigs :  The launcher location has to be on a mesh side but after the second global mesh side.
                                         The trap location has to be lower than the pipe length.
                                         The pig diamerter has to be lower or equal to the pipe diameter.
                                         The pig wall friction factor coefficient can be given equal to 1.
                                         No other equipment can be used with a pig.
                                         The pig length has to be lower or equal than the length of the shorter cell over 5.