SimName.PVT File

* red  words are TACITE's reserved words
If the fisrt line is the integer 1 or 2, the component properties are given. Then the thermodynamic properties are computed in an internal flash (1 -> single phase , 2 -> two phases). See original manual for more details.
If the fisrt line is the integer 5, the thermodynamic properties are given in the form of correlations.

Structure :

line 1 : 5
line 2 : Normal pressure and temperature
line 3 : Density of the gas at normal conditions
line 4 : Kinematic viscosity of the gas
line 5 : Density of the liquid
line 6 :Kinematic viscosoty of the liquid
line 7 : Interfacial stress of the mixture
line 8 : Specific heat of the gas at constant pressure
line 9 : Specific heat of the liquid at constant pressure
line 10 :Thermal conductivity of the gas
line 11 : Thermal conductivity of the liquid
line 12 : Coefficient of equilibrium constant of component 1
line 13 : Coefficient of equilibrium constant of component 2

Example :

5                                 ! Type: 1=correlations
1d5        300d0         ! normal pressure and temperature
1.00d0                       ! TPN gas density
1.5d-5                      ! TPN gas viscosity
1000d0                      ! TPN liquid density
1.5d-6                      ! TPN liquid viscosity
70d-3                       ! TPN interfacial stress
1400d0                      ! Specific Heat of Gas
1500d0                      ! Specific Heat of Liquid
3d-2                          ! Gas conductivity
0.14d0                       ! Liquid conductivity
0d0                             ! k1
0d0                             ! k2

REMARK : The two last coefficients k1 and k2 are used for computing the equilibrium factors

with raoul's law : Ci=kiPi/P, where Pis the absolute pressure.

Those coefficients have to be different but if they are given equal to zero the code is assumed

to run a vapor-liquid simulation for which vapor is the component 1 and liquid the component 2.

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