Restart a computation

 The restart file :

                    The simulation parameters files :

                           These files are the copy of which were used to perform the simulation.The sufix   _# , where # is the number of  the last simulation using
                           the same generic name, is appended to the generic name in order to name successive similar simulations.
                           It may be used when only slight modifications to the parameters files are done.
                           As an example, the result of a sequence of 3 simulations modifying some of the SimName.* parameters files is the set of folowing files :
                           SimName_1.*    SimName_2.*    SimName_3.*

                           When performing an other version of a simulation, following parameters files are created.
                           SimName_#+1 SimName_#+1.GEO SimName_#+1.MSH  SimName_#+1.PVT    SimName_#+1.SCE  SimName_#+1.STO
                           SimName_#+1.THE    SimName_#+1.TOP
                           The content of these files is concatenated in tow files :
                           SimName.TIT and SimName.REP

                           *Note that the simulation number (=job number) is stored in the SimName.JNB file.


To restart a previous simulation, some files have to be in the standard  directory. If the user did not remove any file no problems may occur.
These files are :
TACITE.JOB     TACITE.PVT     TACITE.STA     TACITE.TRA SimName.JNB SimNameSimName.GEO SimName.MSH  SimName.PVTSimName.SCE  SimName.STO  SimName.THE    SimName.TOP
and the files from wich restart  :
SimName_#.RTT SimName_#SimName_#.GEO SimName_#.MSH  SimName_#.PVT    SimName_#.SCE  SimName_#.STO  SimName_#.THE    SimName_#.TOP.

Keep in mind that     TACITE.PVT     TACITE.STA     TACITE.TRA files contain data of the last compuation permitting to TACITE a restart copmutation.  The SimName_#.RTT file is a concatenation of these files and so a restart is always possible even if TACITE.* files are not archieved.


Some modifications to SimName.SCE file have to be done.

1- Replace the STABILIZE= statement by  RESTART=SimName_#
2- Increase the STOPTIME as     STOPTIME= old_stoptime+restart_time.
3- Append the scenario. The appenended events have to be coherent with the new  STOPTIME i.e. not to happen after STOPTIME.
4- To run the restart type :  tacite.out SimName
5- The screen must display time increasing from old_stoptime
6- The results and parametric file are created as SimName_# +1.*