IV. Fuel Velocity = 30 m/s


The second stage of the study was to increase fuel velocity until 30 m/s.
It is clear that higher velocity improves recirculation phenomena which are well represented by biggest vortices (see velocity vector picture).

A rich fuel area at the top right makes us to say that fuel pockets shed . The velocity vector picture at the same location allows to  say that it is not a vortice but only a fuel pocket.

Moreover, at the bottom left corner, we can see a little fuel area which. This phenomenon is certainly due to numerical. We do not observe this numerical perturbation in the top of the injector because of the mesh which must be different between these two regions.

IV.1. Fuel Mass Fraction

Fuel Mass Fraction after 50000 iterations (t = 22ms)

IV.2. Velocity Vectors

Velocity Vectors after 50000 iterations (t = 22ms)