A 2D Example : 2D Pipe Junction

Contents:  Geometry & boundary regions  |  The mesh  |  Results with Fluent

      In this part we are going to try a very simple 2D exemple wich is a 2D pipe with a cylinder intersection. For this we use an hexaedric mesh and validate it with Fluent.

Geometry & boundary regions

      Here is the geometry:

      Concerning the boundary conditions, we have two inlets, one in the pipe and one in the cylinder and one inlet in the pipe.


The mesh

        For the mesh, as we explain in the part called A quick overview of ICEM, the geometry is in a cube. This cube is divided into blocks, and these blocks are projected on the geometry:

      Finally the mesh is:


Results with Fluent

      The velocity has been imposed on the two inlets, 1m/s for the cylinder and 5m/s for the pipe, the fluid is glycerin. Concerning the outlet, the pressure is imposed.

      Here are the results concerning the pression and the velocity magnitude:


      We did not encounter a lot of problems for this case except at first, it was impossible for Fluent to read our mesh, so we had to re-start it again.
      Problems we encountered in general are detailed in the part called Conclusion.