The generation of the mesh is not made directly by TELEMAC. Therefore we have used a well adapted mesh builder called MATISSE.
    The first step is the generation of the bathymetry of the problem. To do this we ask Matisse to load a folder where are the different coordinates of the points.This bathymetry was given to simplify the study. This is a very simple bathymetry only composed by only two bathymetry lines (one for sides and the other one for the middle of the river):

Bathymetry of the study.

    The software RUBENS permit the visualisation of the bathymetry:

   The second step is the meshing of the geometry. We decided to refine the mesh near the middle of the river wish is the deepest zone of the problem. The mesh we have generated, is composed by about 5000 nodes. The two next pictures show two zooms of the mesh, one in the top of the first river and the other in the confluence zone:

Zoom of the mesh at the top of the river

Zoom of the mesh in the confluence zone


   The last step is the generation of boundary conditions zones. Here the problem is simple with two inlet, one outlet and three zones for side conditions:

Boundary zones.