Importation of the grid in fluent Software

When we have imported the grid of the semicylinder into Fluent5, we notice that edges weren't well preserved as it is shown on the following picture :

Semicylinder grid imported from ICEM to FLUENT5

    To solve this problem, we have made corrections into ICEM. We have reloaded the project and we have opened DDN->tetin. We have created a new family CURVES in which we have put the two curves in semicircle. We have save the projet and we have mesh the new domain : now ICEM is able to consider the curves and to mesh properly near of them. The following picture show the improvements but there was still an little imperfection to the corners.

New semicylinder grid by creating a CURVES family

    Then we have again create a new family POINTS in which we have put the four points corresponding to the four corners of our geometry. The result was  now impeccable.

New semicylinder grid by creating CURVES and POINTS families

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