Presentation of the Task

The aim of the task was to test NUMECA CFD pack that included :

Fine is got two customized version in him : Differents modules are included such as chemistery, fluid particule, rotor/stator ...

It was programm in C++ oriented-object, And it's mutiprocess (at the same time you can use the solver and the grid generator for exemple).

nb: The aim of the task was to have an overview of numeca capacity, all studies were based on tutorials and no project was fully created.


Commands in N7 to run FINE are on some unix computer (currently Moscou and Stokes), depending to licence server:
>cd /local/fine/common/
then logout and login.
>source .cshrc
(>setenv DISPLAY b004-20:0.0 (for exemple, if you use linux room, depending of your computer))