XMPI is a graphical user interface for running MPI programs, monitoring MPI processes and messages, and viewing execution trace files.It exploits the debugging capabilities of LAM, a parallel computing environment for UNIX clusters.

         XMPI does not provides an interface for starting a LAM (Local Area Multicomputing) session. This must be accomplished prior to running XMPI, which is itself a LAM program. There are currently two versions of XMPI available:

                       XMPI 2.2 works with LAM version 6.3.2. which is the latest version.
                       XMPI 2.1.2 works with LAM version 6.2b.

In our case, we will use XMPI 2.2 version.

        The aim of this study is to use XMPI and to compare it with an other interface called Jumpshot, which is associated to MPICH program.