First runs : comparaison of different simulations

The first simulations allow to see if the charge notebook is repected and the influence or different parameters.
In order to know if the simulation represented well the situation that we want simulated, I have make differnt simulation and compared them.

This part compare the results obtaint for to configurations. In the first configuration the temperature of the fluid is imposed equal to the ambiant temperature, and in the second case the fluid temperature is calculated with the ambiant temperature.
The results are compared on the figure below :

We can see on the first graph that the temperature has a huge influence on the flow pattern. For example the mixture become a single phase liquid flow at the beginning of the horizontal pipe. This phenomenon is due to the decrease of the temperature which doesn't exist on the other graph because of thermical inertia of the fluid.
The thermical inertie can clearly be observed on the thrid graph.

In order to have more information on the thermical inertia of the fluid, I have divided the mass flow rate by 10. The results are on the next figure.

We observe that the thermical inertia has decreased. The pipe is long enough, to allow the fluid to raise the ambiant temperature.

To conclude this part, I would like to say that the thermical effects have well taken into account. So it is posible to realised thermical calculation with Tacite. Nevertheless, you must bear in mind that all the simulations are steady. The thermical module of TACITE which normaly allows to make unsteady thermical calculation has not been test.