TACITE is able to solve transient two-phase flow in pipes. It is dedicated to oil engeneering. TACITE allows vertical, oblic and horizontal flow computation. TACITE uses a 1D instationary model. The mesh is composed of adjacent cylinders (cells) forming the pipe. TACITE simulates dispersed, stratified, annular, andintermittent flows. Hydrodynamic transient as well asthermal transient can be performed. Influence of pipe equipments such as valves, relief valves, pumps can be taken into acount. A simplified composition with N(N=2..12) pseudo-components is used to describe the fluid. It incomes to the user to specify components caracteristics in order to represent the real fluid.

If you want more information about how use TACITE, you can look at the manual which is on the intranet, on the MCIP page.

The interest of this MCIP is the use of the Thermal module of TACITE. Themal calculation are very complex with Tacite. In this report you will find an example of thermal calculation and some advices to help you to make your own simulations. For more informations you can also see the page of the BEI (Industrial disign office) diphasic.