The aim of our project was to study different forms of obstacle able to increase the water height of a wave. We have met too much difficulties in the generation of a correct wave that we had not really study all parameters of the obstacle to know their influence on the wave. Those parameters are the lenght of the obstacle, its height, its inclinaison... The geometry of the obstacle also appears as an important parameter of this physical problem. Therefore the study we wanted to realised had been more difficult that we had hoped because it needs much more tests.
        The results we have obtained can not really be analysed physicly because of this trouble with the generation of waves.
        However this project permit us to learn how to work with a code which is not an industrial one but a research one. The code JADIM has not been complicated to use for the simple cases but any times we have try more complex geometry than a rectangular one, it was a little more difficult. In fact the geometry with JADIM must be generated with out mesh generator. So geometries were given to us to simplify the study.
        This study had been coupled in our project of BEI (Etude d'un reef artificiel) and a more complete report on modelisation of wave is available in this project.