Inlet files


           This diagram summarizes the process which gives JADIM result files :

           The cas1.nume generated by ./gener1 is read by the ./geonsm program which createss the cas1.genu file. Afterwards, ./curnsm generates the cas1.geom file. Next, ./bord gives us the cas1.bord file. All these procedure is obligatory before running the JADIM program but we also have to create some inlet files corresponding to our problem. These files are jcl, cas1.para, cas1.limi, cas1.datr and cas1.init.

           The jcl file contains all the inlet file name and their status (old or not). It's the first file which is read by ./jadim program.

           Files cas1.para and cas1.phys contain the numerical and physical parameters of the problem. It's in these files we define the minimal time step the program could use, the iteration number and the physical properties of the two fluids.

        The cas1.limi file describes the limit conditions for each domain limits.

           Cas1.datr contains the wall positions where the calculations are computed, and cas1.init permit to define the initial conditions.