ICEM: Industrial mesher test and evaluation

Authors : H. Neau  (

Objective :
ICEM CFD is used for engineering applications such as computational fluid dynamics and structural analysis. The grid generation tools offer the capability to

parametrically create grids from geometry in multiblock structured, unstructured hexahedral, tetrahedral, hybrid grids consisting of hexahedral, tetrahedral, pyramidal and prismatic cells; and cartesian grid formats combined with boundary conditions. Over 100 flow solver (Fluent, StarCD, Polyflow, Phoenics, ...) and structural analysis (Nastran, Patran, ...) translators are provided to produce an input file containing mesh and boundary conditions.
The aim of this task is to test Icem on 2 tutorial cases : 2D car & 3D pipe junction, to evaluate its user-friendly and its efficency. It could be interesting to test one mesh with Fluent.

Working plan :
week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4
week 5
week 6
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Final material expected:

Bibliography :
1.Icem CFD Engineering: Meshing Tutorial Manual
2.Icem CFD Engineering: Direct CAD Interfaces Tutorial Manual
Pedagogical interest:
Use of an industrial generic preprocessor for complex geometry


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