n7     Flow model for a vertical wellbore mud drilling fluid



    The company is trying to develop an estimation tool in order to predict pressure and temperature profiles of mud drilling fluid in the wellbore.This study was proposed  by the Fluid Mechanic Institute of Toulouse (IMFT) and accepted by the company. This project has been developed during the long project at the engineering school ENSEEIHT during the 3rd year of studies for the Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics departement. 

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       Main Objective

  The main goal of this project is to develop a simulation tool, through a computer language as MATLAB, in order to simulate spatial and time variation of temperature and pressure in a vertical wellbore. The simulation tool should fit with company tools in order for them to control and change the solved equations and to bring additional developpements. This project has to be done before the 17th of March where an oral presentation will be hold in front of a jury.

        The project

     Drilling operation are deeper and deeper today in the oil field,  thermal and pressure issues need to be integrated in drilling condition operations. 

Mud drilling fluid is composed by oil, water and solid particles. It has a non newtonian theology and an unique pressure, volume and temperature condition. Problem is described by the following characteristics:
        -    Power dissipation by the head of the drill material: the bite and by important friction with the fluid.
        -    Thermal transfers with the formation have to be take into account because of it important time of operation
        -    Wellbore will be considered as a counter coutant exchanger for the thermal study.


  • Temperature and Pressure equations development 
  • Take counter courant geometry for thermal exchanges.
  • Study of H-B rheological model for a non newtonian fluid.
  • Numerical resolution through MATLAB using difference finites method.