0 - Introduction

1. Quick description of Telemac

Telemac-2d was developed by the National Hydraulic Laboratory (LNH) of the research and developement center of EDF. This software aims at solve the Saint-Venant equations (Shallow eqautions) on a two dimentionnal grid. Its main applications are computations on free surface flow. It can takes into account:

2. Description of the simulated case

We consired a channel with a crectangular cross-section which is 20 m long and 10 m wide. At mid-lenght a hump is created at the channel bottom. This hump has a height of 0.2 m and has a parabolic shape.

The lateral walls of the channel are supposed to shear-stress free whereas at the bottom we will consider both the case with or without shear-stress. The are two open boundaries at the inflow and the outflow where different boundary conditions have to be imposed depending on the flow regime.

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