At the beginning, the title of this BES was Phoenics, name of a software used here to study the Rayleigh Benard convection. But actually, most of the simulations described in this report were done with Fluent. Consequently, we renammed this project BES Rayleigh Benard. This is aiming to:


Before to start any simulations, we have to list the main numerics parameters that influence the results :

 In all this project , the option PRESTO! of fluent will always be used for all quadrilateral and hexahedral meshes .The different numerics controls are :




Linear interpolation is the default procedure for computing the face pressure from cell pressures. For problems involving large body forces and high pressure gradients, we may wish to use PRESTO! Typical problems include flows with high swirl numbers, high-Rayleigh-number natural convection, high speed rotating flows and flows in strongly curved domains. This may only be used with qudrilateral and hexahedral meshes.

The fluid is liquid water. It is defined by :