Evaluation for 1998/99 reports

General remarks : in all the report, the authors shoud have explicitely said if the results shown have been generated within the project or taken out of the litterature. Bibliographic references are too often missing.

  • Sébastien Massart:  The growth
  • Very interesting, attractive and complete presentation of the logistic map. To be read imperatively by the future students. 16
  • Francois Dabireau :  The pendulum
  • Ver y intersting presentation of the different kind of pendulum. The link to the interview and the conclusion (frog) are not easy to find. 16
  • Mohamed Makan, Frédéric Deghetto : Chaotic insect population
  • Original topic. Special attention need to be given in order to follow the presentation of the model. But one can see that consistant efforts have been provided. 14
  • Eric Valette : Hydrodynamic instabilities
  • The first part is the redaction of the course part on elementary bifurcations. This effort will be very usefull for the future students. The last part is an illustration from the BES on Rayleigh Benard instabilites. This combination is usefull. 15
  • Arnaud Delaunay : Quadratic application
  • Intersting presentation of the logistic application and its connection to a Rayleigh Benard experiment showing period doubling. The computations seem to have been done in the framework of the project. Bibliographic references are missing. 14
  • Samia Tabli, Olivier Antibi : Hydrodynamic instabilities
  • Attractive presentation of elementary chaotic dynamical systems in the first part, and of the Taylor-Couette instability in the second part. Even though the two parts are rather independant from each other, the report is well constructed. 15
  • Jérémie Sagarra, Alexandre Perchat : Chaotic attractors in forced oscillators
  • This presentation of results on chaotic oscillators, taken out from existing bibliography, is not easy to read. For instance, the definition of the Poincare is not presented. 13
  • Samir Karaa : Instabilities with COLSYS
  • Interesting exploration of the software COLSYS which solves ODEs. 15
  • Hicham Wahbi: Examples of instabilites in Fluids
  • Sober but intersting overview of instabilites in fluids. 14
  • David Guenadou : Course item
  • First attempt to build an hypertext course on dynamical systems and instabilities. Can be used as a prototype for a more ambitious construction. 13
  • Delphine Cayrol : The clown hat function
  • Intersting presentation of the "baker" application. 15
  • Said Ghalimi : The Soda Bottle oscillator
  • Original example with rich physics. 14