Example of 1D fortran subroutines



The aim of the chapter is to explore the main directory in accordance with the one space dimension case, that means the following purple folder :



This folder 1d/ contains further subdirectories :


Contains the basic subroutines.


Generic boundary conditions routines usefull in many application, e.g., extrapolation, periodic boundary conditions.


Contains subroutines that may be useful ti the user regardless of the particular application, e.g., subroutines to output solutions in the form required by matlab, to dump the solution for a restart to extend the time interval, etc .


Some basic matlab m-files that can be used to display results of most examples.


A simple example driver routine illustrtaing the use of Clawpack.

Note that each of the dimensional subdirectories of clawpack is organized in a similar manner.

In this chapter , the source codes contained in claw1 are explored in order to understand how the basic subroutines are. There are three :

In the clawpack's tree , these subroutines can be localised with the following picture :